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Working with tar in Linux
tar is a software used to compress files or folders. This article will descibe different commands of
How to deal with "Warning: To avoid potential deadlock, operations that may block, such as ....
This is a common error which we encounter in J2ME applications while using Networking functions such
Creating Virtual Disk Drive in Windows
This article is about creating Virtual Disk Drive in Windows, means to assign a drive letter to a f
How to increase internet speed
This article will describe how to increase speed of internet, broadband
Resolving read data timeout in 40 seconds (mod_fcgid)
Resolving read data timeout in 40 seconds (mod_fcgid)
How to import external Blog or RSS in Facebook
This article is about importing external Blog or RSS in Facebook.
What is XHTML?
XHTML is nothing but just HTML 4.01 with restrictions on following the standard. While writing a XHT
EXE file extension not working in windows
This could be because some virus has corrupted registry entry. If this is the case then follow the s
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