XMPP JavaScript Library READ MORE
File Uploader Manager in PHP
This is an easy to create and integrate file manager developed using PHP, HTML and CSS
What is an armstrong number?
An Armstrong number is a n digit number, which is equal to the sum of the nth powers of its digits.
How to upload multiple files in PHP without using multiple file elements or flash
This is a very simple HTML + PHP code to upload multiple files without using multiple FILE elements
How to use OOPs in JavaScript
This tutorial will give you an example of using OOPs concets in JavaScript.
Python class to search for links in a web page.
This python class will search for links in a webpage without using BeautifulSoup
Windows command prompt (cmd) network commands
This tutorial is about using network commands in windows command prompt (cmd) environment.
How to upload multiple files in PHP
This tutorial will teach you how to upload multiple files in PHP.
File compression, decompression in Linux
This tutorial is about file compression and decompression in Linux operating system using command sh
How to enable root Login in Fedora in GUI mode
By default root login is disabled in GUI mode. Followi following steps to enable root login in GUI m
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