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How to use OOPs in JavaScript

JavaScript, Sachin Puri, 2012-04-07 13:32:19


This tutorial will give you an example of using OOPs concets in JavaScript. There are many other ways of implementing OOPs in JavaScript but i like this approach most.

        function employee(emp_id,emp_name)
            //Class variables

        //Class Member Functions
            alert("Employee ID: " + this.employee_id + " Employee Name: " + this.employee_name);

        //Create First Object
        emp1=new employee(1,"Sachin"); //Create object of class        
        emp1.getDetails(); //Call member function of class

        //Create Second Object
        emp2=new employee(2,"Abhinav"); //Create object of class        
        emp2.getDetails(); //Call member function of class


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