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How to create JQuery like chain functions in JavaScript

JavaScript, Sachin Puri, 2012-10-27 14:58:59

Imagine if we want to call multiple functions in relation of same object.

For example if we want to apply following properties on a DIV with id "div1":

  • change background to #666666
  • change padding to 5px
  • insert "Hello World" in that div

and we have following function to apply these properties


function css(element,property,value){


function html(element,value){


then we have to do some thing like this

var ele=document.getElementById('div1')



html(ele,'Hellow World')


This is how JQuery deals with this situation,

Jquery make use of chain function to call multiple function on a same object

$('#div1').css('background','#666666').css('padding','5px').html('Hello World');


This is same implementation in core JavaScript

        var ele=0;

        function $(id){
            return this;

        function css(prop,value){
            return this;

        function html(value){

        $('div1').css('background','#666666').css('padding','5px').html('Hello World');


Where to use Chain Function

Chain functions can be used in situations where we want to apply different functions on a signle or collection of objects. Chain function calls different function in relation of same object one by one thus manuplating the property of that object.

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