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JavaScript function to change multiple css of an element

JavaScript, Sachin Puri, 2012-11-01 22:01:45

Method 1

In following i have created a javascript function "cssMulti()" which will take two parameters:

  1. id of target element
  2. object which contans properties to be changed.

This function will loop through all the elements of object and apply these properties on target element


            #div1{border:1px solid; width:250px; height:250px}
        <div id="div1">Hello World</div>
            function cssMulti(element,css){
                var ele=document.getElementById(element);
                for(i in css){
            cssMulti('div1',{'background':'#cdcdcd','color':'red','font':'normal 14px verdana','padding':'5px'})


Method 2

document.getElementById("div1").style.cssText = "background:#cdcdcd; color:red; font:normal 14px verdana; padding:5px";


You can use one or the other based on the requirement of your program.

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