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Installing, configuring and running Tomcat 6

UnCategorised, Sachin Puri, 2010-04-25 22:01:40

  1. Download Tomcat from http://tomcat.apache.org/download-60.cgi
    Go to Core -> Zip (Download Zip file)

  2. Install Tomcat.
    • Unzip zip file
    • Copy “apache-tomcat-6.0.20” folder in D:/
    • Rename “apache-tomcat-6.0.20” to “tomcat6”
  3. Install JDK 6+ if not already installed
  4. Setting Environment variables
    Go to desktop -> Right Click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> System variables and set following variables
    • CLASSPATH = .;D:\Tomcat6\libservlet-api.jar;D:\Tomcat6\libjsp-api.jar
    • JAVA_HOME = C:\Program Files\Javajdk1.6.0_10 (This is path where you installed JDK)
    • CATALINA_HOME = D:\Tomcat6
    • PATH = D:\Tomcat6;C:\Program Files\Javajdk1.6.0_10

  5. Running Tomcat
    • Open command prompt
    • Type: “startup” to run tomcat
    • Open browser and type http://localhost:8080

  6. Stopping Tomcat
    • Open command prompt
    • Type: “shutdown.bat” to stop tomcast
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