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Guidelines to be followed by a Software Engineer.

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A Software Engineer must be aware of new technologies and tools in market. He should always keep updating himself with new programming languages.

Updating himself with new programming languages don’t mean to learn each and every language, he should stick to a language and become master of that language but he should be aware of basic syntax of other languages. For example if an Engineer is master of PHP then he should be aware of general syntax of Python, CGI, ASP, ROR etc. not all of these but most of these.

Secondly a Software Engineer should be creative, and should be ready with new ideas and designs. His logic should be good.

Thirdly, a software engineer should always adopt OOPs because OOPs is more closely related to real world.

Apart from all these a software engineer must adhere to these: -

    * Deadline oriented.
    * Team Player
    * Must write Comments in codes.
    * Must be module designer.
    * Should understand the need of clients.
    * And most important he must be passionate about his work and he should enjoy his work, because if a person dose not enjoy programming then he can never be a good programmer.

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