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Small Linux shell script to backup MySQL Database

Linux, Sachin Puri, 2012-01-27 16:29:37

This shell script can be used to take mysql database backup. To make backup process automatically you have to call this shellscript using Cron Job.

#MySQL Database Backup Script

DB="database" #Database to backup
USER="user" #Your MySQL User
PASS="password" #Your MySQL Password
BACKUP_DIR="/root/backup" #Path to your backup directory
MYSQL_BIN_DIR="/var/mysql/bin" #Path to your MySQL bin folder

DT=`date '+%d_%b_%Y_%H_%M_%S'`

$MYSQL_BIN_DIR/mysqldump $DB > $FILE -u $USER -p$PASS
gzip $FILE


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  by rajapoker on 25-Jun-2019 04:41 pm
tetap semangat dan selalu jilat
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  by Anonymous on 28-Jan-2012 08:49 pm
Thanks for the script.
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