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How to install memcache on linux box

Linux, Sachin Puri, 2012-01-17 16:22:42

To install memcache you should have "libevent".

Follow following steps to install libevent:

Step 1: Download libevent using following command

wget https://github.com/downloads/libevent/libevent/libevent-2.0.16-stable.tar.gz

Step 2: tar -zxvf libevent-2.0.16-stable.tar.gz

Step 3: cd libevent-2.0.16-stable

Step 4: ./configure

Step 5: make

Step 6: make install

Step 7: Create a symbolic link

ln -s /usr/local/lib/libevent-2.0.so.5 /usr/lib/libevent-2.0.so.5

That's it now you are ready to install memcache


Now, Follow following steps to install memcache

Step 1: Download memcache using following command

wget http://memcached.org/latest

Step 2: tar -zxvf memcached-1.4.13.tar.gz

Step 3: cd memcached-1.4.13

Step 4: ./configure

Step 5: make

Step 6: make install

Step 7: run following command to start memcache server

memcached -d -u memcache_user -p 11211 -m 1024 -l

where: -

-d daemon

-u username

-p port

-m memory

-l ip to listen

now your memcache server should run, don't get excited there is some more work to do. Now you have to install PHP memcache extension so that you can start writing memcache code in your PHP files.

Follow following steps to install memcache PHP extension

Step 1: Download memcache PHP extension

wget http://pecl.php.net/get/memcache-2.2.4.tgz

Step 2: tar -zxvf memcached-2.2.4.tgz

Step 3: cd memcached-2.2.4

Step 4: phpize && ./configure --enable-memcache

Step 5: make

Step 6: copy modules/memcache.so to your PHP extension directory (see php.ini file and search for extension_dir to know your PHP extension directory path)

Step 7: open your php.ini file and add following line


Please feel free to ask any question related to this article.

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