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PHP function to clean text for RSS Feed

PHP, Sachin Puri, 2013-03-14 00:14:43

Cleaning text for RSS feed is common problem for any web developer. I have created this function to clean all the special characters from text to include in RSS Feed, this function is working for me.

Just take care of $find variable and keep including all the special characters which are breaking the code.

function clean($content){
    $find=array("’","“","”"); //special characters other then characters starting with & and ending with ;
    $content=preg_replace('/\&.*\;/','',$content); //Replace all words starting with & and ending with ; with ''
    $content=preg_replace("/(\r?\n){2,}/",'', $content); //Replace all newline characters with ''    
    $content=preg_replace( "/\s+/", " ", $content );//Replace multiple spaces with single space
    return $content;


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  by Raj on 26-Jul-2014 03:17 pm
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  by andy on 25-Feb-2014 12:35 am
This is awesome dude, thanks so much
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  by Rajiv on 13-Jul-2013 12:36 am
Thanks for the help
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