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Windows command prompt (cmd) network commands

Windows, Sachin Puri, 2012-03-31 10:11:57


The ipconfig command in windows is a tool which can be used to view TCP/IP Network configurations in windows.


Ping command in windows command prompt can be used to check the strength of connection between your computer and some network computer. This network computer may be one from your local network or may be a website on internet.


tracert command can be used to check hops between your computer and a network computer. There is no single connection between two computers on internet. Connection between two computers on internet consists of numerous hops. tracert command will show all the intermediate hops between your computer and a computer on internet. It will also show the IP address of intermediate hops and time taken by them. This is a very good tool to search for the intermediate computer which is creating problem.


tracert example.com


netstat is a very useful command to see the active TCP connections on your computer. This command can be used to check if some spyware is using your computer to communicate with internet.


pathping is a combination of "ping" command and "tracert" command. This command will first print the list of all the hops between your computer and network computer. Then it will ping each one of the hops and return the result based on packets returned from each hop. 

This command can take 10-15 Minutes


pathping example.com

net view

"net view" command can be used to see all the active computers on your local network.

net start 

"net start" command can be used to start a windows service using command prompt. To stop a service use "net stop" command.


Following command will start print spooler service

net start spooler 


This command displays protocol stats and current TCP/IP connections. This command can be used to find the name of a network computer using ip address


nbtstat -A





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