XMPP JavaScript Library
AJAX Suggest
This tutorial will tell you how to create Google like Suggestion box.
Get Mouse Position on web page Using Java Script
This code will display mouse position on web page.
Add DIV Dynamically to web page using Java Script
This tutorial will tell you how to add DIV,SPAN or any other element to web page dynamically using J
Deleting duplicate rows from database.
This article is about deleting duplicate rows from database.
How to fetch gmail address book using curl php
This article will teach you that how can you fetch or get gmail address book. It includes php source
Installing, configuring and running Tomcat 6
This article will tell you how to install, configure and run Tomcat 6 on windows.
Window Media Player Skin creation Guide
This article is a guide/ tutorial to create your own personalized skin for window media player. You
Increasing speed of web site.
This article is about increasing speed of server side scripting.
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