XMPP JavaScript Library
What are cron jobs?
Cron jobs are tasks or jobs which are scheduled to run repeatedly at specific time.
How to install memcache on linux box
This article will give you step by step information to install memcache server on your Linux box, it
Some useful Java Script Expressions
Here i am giving a list of some useful JavaScript statements, which are rarely used but are very imp
File transfer using SSH (SCP)
Files can be transfered using ftp server. FTP is most comman way to transfer files between servers.
Working with tar in Linux
tar is a software used to compress files or folders. This article will descibe different commands of
How to deal with "Warning: To avoid potential deadlock, operations that may block, such as ....
This is a common error which we encounter in J2ME applications while using Networking functions such
Creating Virtual Disk Drive in Windows
This article is about creating Virtual Disk Drive in Windows, means to assign a drive letter to a f
How to increase internet speed
This article will describe how to increase speed of internet, broadband
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