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PHP function to clean text for RSS Feed
Cleaning text for RSS feed is common problem for any web developer
What is an abstract Class?
Abstract class is a special kind of class which is declared with the keyword abstract and which can&
JavaScript function to change multiple css of an element
This is a small function to change multiple css properties of a target element.
How to create JQuery like chain functions in JavaScript
JavaScript Chain functions are easy way of calling multiple functions on same object in a chain.
Calling JavaScript function after AJAX Call
This is a common problem for any JavaScript developer. You you are also facing this problem then i h
SELF-JOIN is similar to any other join with the exception of that in self join we join a table to it
File Uploader Manager in PHP
This is an easy to create and integrate file manager developed using PHP, HTML and CSS
What is an armstrong number?
An Armstrong number is a n digit number, which is equal to the sum of the nth powers of its digits.
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